Right Matters. Colonel Vindman testified that he was confident he'd be safe because "In America, right still matters."  I poured my hope that he's correct  into making this piece.  It was included in QuiltCon Together 2021 in February and in this year's QuiltCon Together Magazine. It will be part of the Modern Quilt Guild's Retrospective at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky from April 9-July 27th.

This pairing from Call and Response is included in Southern Vermont Arts Center's exhibit Unmasked: Artful Responses to the Pandemic which will continue in Manchester, VT through March. The pair is a part of the exhibit of photo exchanges between members of Photographers Workroom who could no longer gather in person during the pandemic. The photo on the left is mine and on the right is Lisa Dimondstein's.